Obedience / Behavior Training

Some people want to learn skills to become a better dog handler, others just want “Fido” not to jump! Whatever your needs, were here to help!

Private Training Sessions: $125 for a 1 and 1/2 hour session, ($60 hour if we go over) plus travel if I go to you instead of you coming to me. Just like you see on the “Dog Whisperer,” we can help solve many undesired behaviors in just one session! Jumping, barking, aggression, fear, pulling you down the street…you name it! We can also help you prepare your dog for the AKC CGC, therapy dog tests, and public access tests for service dogs! You can also schedule a “mini workshop” and train by the day!

Weekly Rates: For those dogs who need more training and consistency than you can give, the “board and train” is best. A “week” includes 5 training sessions (the first one is WITH YOU at drop off) the week of boarding and:
First week: $800; go home instructions and a bath.
Second week: $800; all the above plus a video of your dogs skills, training lesson at pickup and one free follow up!
Third week: $800; above plus 2 months free rental on an e-collar, with option to buy for only $65 more!
Additional weeks $700 (must be consecutive)

Truly “Red Zone” dogs  (determined at first visit)  are an additional $150 a week until no longer truly “red zone”.

Check out some of our training videos on youtube!

Hear what others have thought about experience with Varian Kennels Training:

Were off to a great new start…thank you. Jager (Boxer)is doing great! I am enjoying Jager so much. She is just an absolute joy to walk.

Oh my goodness… Luke (Chihuahua cross) is like a whole new dog! He is so GOOD! Thank you so very much for helping me enjoy him.

“I just wanted to thank you again, I enjoyed our training session and feel kind of   “enlightened!” I took chopper out for a walk later that evening and he was amazing, didn’t fight the leash, stopped when I did, sat on command! It felt amazing that I was putting to use what I lad learned as well. Can’t be more happy and plan to come see you for more training once we conquer or first training tasks!”

She (female German Shepherd) is doing beautifully, I am doing better all the time. I’m sooo pleased with the results.

Henry (male chocolate lab) is doing really, really good. He is perfect in our backyard, we have a really large backyard. He is absolutely fabulous. We took him on a walk on leash, and he was really good. He is excellent in the house!

Kingston (male old English sheepdog) is doing amazing, absolutely amazing. I am so proud of him. He is just like a totally different dog. I had him up at the school today and even people that have seen him in the past said “is that the same dog?” Because he just did amazing. Thank you, Thank you!

We are so pleased with Mickey (male German Shepherd mix.) He is a 100% totally different dog. He sits, and he waits. I just thank you so much, he is just doing so much!

Photos of training:




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