Trained Dogs Available Now


I do NOT have ANY trained dogs available right now, but I AM training a Foxy Red Labrador named Scarlett right now. I don’t think she will make a candidate for a therapy dog, but will make an EXCELLENT family dog, and POSSIBLY a service dog. Please check again next month. I will post her photos and info as soon as possible, I am currently busy with a BRAND NEW litter of labs, and training a new employee. Thanks for your patience!


***Typically, Trained ESA’s start at $5000, Therapy dogs start at $7000, and service dogs start at $8500. Discounts if the dog is older than 3.) 

*** All dogs are fully vaccinated, dewormed, spayed or neutered (unless being sold as a breeding dog.)  They come freshly bathed (with recent flea/tick preventative) and trained with a video of their skills and personal training sessions to help you learn their commands (Not all dogs have videos done yet). They also come with starter food, collar and leash, e-collar for off leash roaming, and more!****

**** Trained dogs available are often ones I have adopted  from private individuals or shelters, or they were dogs that were part of my breeding program that are retiring or didn’t meet my strict breeding standards for  various reasons.

If one interests you, fill out the How It Works” form and call or email for more info. 

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Things that go into my base price of a dog:

  1. Searching for the right dog/ calling, emailing, traveling. ($750+)
  2. Training of the dog ($2000-$5000)
  3. Training of YOU! ($300-$1000)
  4. Misc exp. (training supplies, leashes, collars, vests, testing, etc) ($300 – $500)
  5. Purchasing/ adoption fee’s for dog ($500+) or raising a dog from pup ($3000)
  6. Vet bills: spay/ neuter, x-rays, medicines, shots, vaccines, wormers, baths, flea med’s, etc. ($500-$1000)

Things that add to the base costs:  
Travel: In Home Visits are available (optional)for any of these dogs. If you live within a 400 mile radius of me, which includes cities from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and want/ need delivery,typically add $1000  to the above prices. If I fly to you it’s $2000 to $2500 within the continental US.